Vespa with Sidecar Struzzo


Specifications Vespa with Sidecar Struzzo

Engine: full restored
Engine capacity: 150 cc
Transmission: 4-Speed
Suspension: Custom by Scooter99
Tires: Original Vespa, 8 inches
Rims: Original Vespa

Handlebar: Original Vespa (Italian Import)
Headlights: Import SIP German
Seat: Import SIP Germany
Light switches: Italian Import
Key handlebars: Italian Import
Brake Drum: Import Original Italian Vespa
List decks: Original Vespa (Italian Import)

Sidecar :
This sidecar is made from ¾ inch tubular seamless pipe framework and with fiberglass that won't rust and light. It is suitable for an adult weighing not more than 170 lbs. The features on the sidecar are as following:
· Nicely Carpeted Interior
· Comfy Custom handmade Seat, can be tilted forward for extra storage(helmet)
· New tire, tube, 8 inch steel wheel
· New Shock absorber and Spring
· Rain Cover

Feel free If you have any question and please don't hesitate to contact me anytime (

Price: $7,500.00