Vespa Sei Giorni

Vespa Sei Giorni scooter 99

Specifications Vespa Sei Giorni

Engine: 1964 Vespa
Engine capacity: 150 cc
Transmission: 4-Speed
Suspension: Custom by Scooter99
Tires: Original Vespa, 10 inches
Rims: Original Vespa (Italian Import)
Handlebar: Original Vespa (Italian Import)
Headlights: Custom by Scooter99
Seat: Import SIP Germany
Exhaust: Custom by Scooter99
Light switches: Italian Import
Key handlebars: Italian Import
Brake Drum: Import Original Italian Vespa
List decks: Original Vespa (Italian Import)

Piaggio introduced the Vespa Sei Giorni. It was fast and elegant and as its designation suggested was intended to mirror the qualities exhibited by the famed "GT" series of Italian motorcars of the period.

Restoration and builder special scooter with sidecar and APE three wheels.
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Price: $6,500.00